August 7, 2016

In Cuba, he was given the name “Lightning” by Castro himself for his ability to quickly strike on the island nation and then disappear. For over 30 years, Dr. J. Anthony D’Marmol has been a covert warrior for the cause of freedom in North America, and around the world.

Pinar del Rio Cuba, 1959 – Julio, A 12 year-old boy, is selected by the revolutionary leaders at the beginning of the revolution as commander-in-chief of the Young Commanders, a youth movement to grow the new rebel army.  Fidel Castro was so impressed by this boy’s eloquence and passion that he delegated to him this important assignment of training these new recruits. The boy’s father, Leonardo Marmol, was one of the main allies of Castro’s revolution and also a very well-respected great Grand Master of the Masons. He wished to share his prosperity with those downtrodden by the brutal Batista regime. These noble ideas were passed on to his son Julio, who dreamed of protecting the poor and confronting the oppressors.

Two years later, after being involved with top leaders Fidel and Raul Castro and Che Guevara, Julio starts to awaken to the reality that the people are not getting what they were promised from this new regime. Behind closed doors the leaders speak completely different words than they do to the people, and they have taken all the country’s wealth for themselves.

Dr. D'MarmolThe rest of the population is left starving and in deplorable living conditions so bad that even toilet paper is considered a luxury item. The 14 year-old Julio is saddened and disappointed by his new leaders. The steady and brutal persecution of any of those who do not agree with Castro’s Marxist declarations convinces Julio to fight the oppressors from the inside; he joins the resistance and helps the global international intelligence community.

Over the next ten years Julio Antonio Marmol works directly under the leader of the Cuban government in the Prime Minister’s office. Little did they know he was passing along sensitive valuable information about their communist ambitions along to his new allies. Castro’s plans are grand: to spread communism all over the world on three continents, Asia, Africa, and Hispano America. Soon Castro becomes aware that there must be a spy, but to his great frustration he cannot find him. His own G-2 secret service is powerless to catch this operative they call “The Lightning.”

In 1971, Julio’s identity is compromised and the G-2 closes in with a deadly trap. He barely escapes this first attempt on his life and somehow manages to swim ten miles through shark infested waters to the U.S. Military base in Guantanamo. This would be the first of fifty six attempts on his life.

After his dramatic escape, he begins working in the U.S. and around the world to foil Castro’s plans while the G-2 and other communist sympathizers spend millions to try to end his life. On September 6, 2007, the most recent attempt occurs, but the Cuban Lightning escapes once again.

This true story has never been told before. The Lightning strikes again and again, bringing nightmares to Castro as he dodges over fifty assassination attempts while he fights against terrorism, communism, and oppression around the world.

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