The Deadly Deals

June 20, 2017

dealcover2WEBAAvailable now. As he continues to unravel Che Guevara’s master plan involving the president of the United States, the young spy has to avoid more traps set for him by Fidel Castro’s sinister head of the dreaded G-2. He meets Che’s Amazon unit, a group dancers at the Tropicana who, in reality, are highly trained assassins. There he meets Che’s handlers with the KGB and, much to his astonishment, discovers that Che is playing a deadly game with the Soviet Union by dealing with the communists in China behind the USSR’s back. To delve deeper into this aspect of the Argentine’s machinations, he accepts an invitation from Tanya, the leader of the Amazons, for a slight vacation. There he meets and befriends the crazed, illegitimate daughter of Che.

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