The Havana Conspiracies
Books / November 5, 2016

As the Revolution consolidates its power and drives its roots into the ashes left over from the Cuban democratic institutions, anti-religious sentiments held by some people for a while are released under the new communist system of persecution, and people of faith find themselves increasingly targeted by the new government and its supporters.  As Julio Antonio continues his attempts to untangle the spider’s web of intelligence uncovered from Che’s briefcase, he comes to know better those who will be the principle executors of the worst crimes in modern history. Click here to order from Amazon.

ISIS: The Genetic Conception
Books / August 8, 2016

We are excited to announce that the newest book by Dr. del Marmol,  ISIS: the Genetic Conception.  This true story reaches back in time to the first seeds that sprung up into the group we know today as ISIS. A variety of conspiracies and government inaction contributed to this modern horror, and our master spy himself was watching it all unfold! Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, a freedom fighter and a master spy, has been identified by his enemies.  His mission is too critical to abort, so he must deal with the immediate threat in order to be able to complete the objective given to him: to identify the new connections Cuba has to Islamic terror and to prove to his friends in the intelligence community that it poses an immediate threat to United States security. Dodging Cuban counter espionage agents at every turn, del Marmol infiltrates the tightest security arrangements of the Cuban G-2 with the aid of fellow freedom fighters on the island, and is able to identify key agents from the Middle East.  In the process, his mentor is also able to uncover a horrific assassination plot against the newly-elected President of Mexico and his entire family. Despite…

Cuba: The Truth, the Lies, and the Coverups
Books / August 7, 2016

Covering the years of 1959 and 1960, this book touches on the cruel and deranged occult beginnings of the Cuban Revolution.  Starting with the horrendous crimes committed before very young children, this tumultuous time creates the most unexpected creature to develop first into a military leader and then into the youngest spy in Cuba:  Julio Antonio del Marmol.  Circumstances and his personal integrity propel him into the shadowy life of espionage at the tender age of 12.  Instead of playing cops and robbers with the other children his age, instead he wound up playing the adult version of that game. Starting with his astonishing theft of the briefcase belonging to Che Guevara from out of the military compound, he suddenly finds his activity catapulting him to the status of the most wanted spy in all of Cuba.  Realizing this, the men responsible for his training accelerate their program, testing him to the utmost limits of human psychological endurance.  Compelled by these circumstances as well as those of his daily secret life to mature quickly, he develops a relationship with a childhood friend, Yaneba, deeper than convention would strictly allow for their age.  The accelerated training steadied his nerves when Che…

Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World
Books / August 7, 2016

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol has authored many works regarding his experiences growing up in Cuba and after almost thirty years finally fleeing that regime. This is one that tells his story from the beginning as a young boy, and details the rise of Castro and Che and the real truth behind what they say and do behind the scenes. Now available to order, Cuba, Russian Roulette of the World details the corruption of the leaders as well as the oppression of the people who placed their hope in Castro to free them, only to find themselves ground down once again. Any talk of disagreement with the regime is met with imprisonment or death and the population learns to fear their new “savior.” This book was originally released in Spanish and was an International bestseller as Cuba: Russian Roulette of America.  Dignitaries and leaders from several countries in the free world sent D’Marmol letters congratulating him on his courage in so publicly denouncing the crimes against human rights committed by the Castro regime. Dr. D’Marmol was asked by the prestigious Lambert academic publishing company if his book could be reprinted as a textbook for political science, historical and social studies courses. He agreed, and…

The Zipper
Books / August 7, 2016

The Zipper has been released, online and in bookstores.  The Cuban Lightning: The Zipper is the true story of a spy asked by the intelligence services to secretly print U.S. currency to finance covert operations all over the world. A young man grew up in Cuba, escaped the Castro regime to the United States, became a spy and a freedom fighter, worked with intelligence services all around the world, and finally became part of the largest covert money printing operation in history. This operation, codenamed “The Zipper“, was created to finance counter terrorism and covert operations all over the world. The young man, now grown, is Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, and it was his task to supervise the team that created millions and millions of dollars of U.S. currency for these operations. One fateful day, a trusted friend set Dr. del Marmol up, betraying him to the Secret Service as a counterfeiter. Even though he had the undocumented sanction of the government intelligence services, he was disavowed and abandoned by them. Left facing a seventy year sentence, Julio refuses to betray any of his team members and takes the multiple felony charges on his own. Sitting in jail, cut off from his contacts,…