The Broken Rainbow
Books / September 17, 2022

The story of Miguel Angel Baumann, whose family fled to Cuba to escape Jewish persecution by Nazis only to find it anew under Castro’s communism, and how he becomes involved in the covert fight for freedom. He joins forces with the Cuban Lightning, first inside Cuba against the regime there, but then later as a member of the group that tracked down Che Guevara in Bolivia, and then later reunited with his old friend, assisting in the operation which caused the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Interspersed with Miguel Angel’s story is that of the Lightning himself as he navigates the machinations of the KGB and their new protege, Vladimir Putin. Available now to order.

Black Tears: The Havana Syndrome
Books / May 25, 2022

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, along with his team and two new allies, work to obtain a copy of a diabolical machine developed by the Chinese Communist Party which is the cause of the Havana Syndrome. One of the new allies, a Chinese spy called Paloma, offers to assist him in infiltrating a general meeting of the CCP’s Politburo and General Assembly so that he can discover what new nefarious plans they are developing in the area of bioterrorism. Buy it here.

The Lightning and bin Laden
Books / August 7, 2021

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, “The Lightning”, travels to Venezuela to meet with the primary financial contact for al-Qaeda, the right hand of Osama bin Laden himself. He uncovers a plot designed to guarantee the re-election of an unpopular President who becomes aware of his knowledge. Bad enough that he’s had to evade attempts on his life by his enemies in Cuba and Venezuela, he now finds himself and his entire team targets of top members of the Administration. Can the Lightning survive concerted assassination attempts by both his enemies and those who are supposedly his friends? The new book is available here.

The Lightning and Montauk: Reality vs. Fiction
Books / August 7, 2021

The new book from Julio Antonio del Marmol can be found here. Julio Antonio del Marmol continues his journey of growth into his unusual abilities as he continues to evade the traps set for him by the communists in Cuba led by the head of the sinister G-2 state police, Commander Piñeiro. Fast forward to 1980 and his graduation from the Montauk Project, where he learned to master his abilities. What follows is a series of highly unusual, even paranormal events for the master spy, including an encounter with the infamous machine that causes what is now called the Havana Syndrome, an infiltration of the Chinese CCP, and an encounter with one of their top spies. Through it all, he strives to turn a young woman from the darkest path one can imagine–but can he pull her back into the light?

Montauk: The Lightning Chance
Books / December 17, 2020

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol, “the Cuban Lightning”, is sent to the intelligence facility in Montauk for advanced training. He qualifies for this training because of notes made by his Uncle Emilio, who was his pediatrician and was himself a Nazi hunter for the intelligence community. Strange phenomena encountered in the past informs both present and future. Order now.

Graphic Novel
Books / October 10, 2020

The story of the Zipper is now in graphic novel form! Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol is arrested by the United States Secret Service on a counterfeiting charge. They can find no information about him which leads them to wonder WHO he is. We go back in time to discover that he was a deeply implanted spy for the West on the Castro regime in Cuba that was forced to flee when his cover gets blown. Undeterred, he makes a unique agreement with United States intelligence: he will continue to work WITH them, but not FOR them. Given new equipment and training, he returns to Cuba to continue his battle against totalitarianism around the world. Available at Amazon.

JFK: The Unwrapped Enigma
Books / November 7, 2017

The plot to kill JFK was only the beginning. It was the first step of the plan of the Three Continental Union, dreamed up by Fidel Castro and his allies, to destabilize democracy around the world and install Castro’s totalitarian style “communism” in as many countries as possible. The tangled web of this terrible plan is revealed in the pages of this book. Cuba, the long time enemy of the United States as well as democracies around the world, was the source of the Enigma that would soon engulf the world.  Want to know the real story behind JFK? It’s in this book.

The Evil Rituals
Books / November 7, 2017

The fifth book in the Cuban Lightning series is out, The Evil Rituals: Rites of Passage of a Master Spy, available now. For a spy that started out at the innocent age of twelve, Julio Antonio del Mármol was a natural. Recruited by his spy uncle, he was given high level training from the international spy community, and his innate abilities enhanced his talent to escape several traps laid for him by experienced spies. He infiltrated the highest levels of the Cuban civilian and military regime, frustrating their plans and leaving a legend behind: a spy codenamed by Castro and others as “The Lightning.” Each time he evaded their snares he made fools of the top echelon and even received apologies from Fidel for the tests of his loyalty.

The Deadly Deals
Books / June 20, 2017

Available now. As he continues to unravel Che Guevara’s master plan involving the president of the United States, the young spy has to avoid more traps set for him by Fidel Castro’s sinister head of the dreaded G-2. He meets Che’s Amazon unit, a group dancers at the Tropicana who, in reality, are highly trained assassins. There he meets Che’s handlers with the KGB and, much to his astonishment, discovers that Che is playing a deadly game with the Soviet Union by dealing with the communists in China behind the USSR’s back. To delve deeper into this aspect of the Argentine’s machinations, he accepts an invitation from Tanya, the leader of the Amazons, for a slight vacation. There he meets and befriends the crazed, illegitimate daughter of Che.

The Dark Face of Marxism
Books / February 5, 2017

Available now, The Dark Face of Marxism.  As the Cuban government continues to implement its arbitrary laws designed to redistribute the wealth of the people, they further ensure their control over the economy by completely changing the currency.  As the young spy discovers ever more highly classified secrets through his conversations with the top leaders in the Revolution, he continues untangling the characters that will execute Che’s master plan.  The young spy is able to manipulate Che into believing that he possesses much less information about the ship explosion than he actually has. He discovers that the luxurious cars previously owned by the super-wealthy were not given to the poor, but are in fact stored in large garages for use by the leaders of the Revolution.  Julio Antonio is able to prepare specially “medicated” cigars to see to it that the Cuban intelligence agents are removed from his meeting with the link to the outside world so that they may speak freely. Julio Antonio discovers that the people who had sheltered him while he healed from his injuries incurred during the theft of Che’s briefcase have been arrested by the dreaded G-2 state security agency.  During interrogation, an indiscretion is…