The Lightning and Montauk: Reality vs. Fiction

August 7, 2021

The new book from Julio Antonio del Marmol can be found here.

Julio Antonio del Marmol continues his journey of growth into his unusual abilities as he continues to evade the traps set for him by the communists in Cuba led by the head of the sinister G-2 state police, Commander PiƱeiro. Fast forward to 1980 and his graduation from the Montauk Project, where he learned to master his abilities. What follows is a series of highly unusual, even paranormal events for the master spy, including an encounter with the infamous machine that causes what is now called the Havana Syndrome, an infiltration of the Chinese CCP, and an encounter with one of their top spies. Through it all, he strives to turn a young woman from the darkest path one can imagine–but can he pull her back into the light?

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