The Dark Face of Marxism

February 5, 2017

marxcoverwebAvailable now, The Dark Face of Marxism.  As the Cuban government continues to implement its arbitrary laws designed to redistribute the wealth of the people, they further ensure their control over the economy by completely changing the currency.  As the young spy discovers ever more highly classified secrets through his conversations with the top leaders in the Revolution, he continues untangling the characters that will execute Che’s master plan.  The young spy is able to manipulate Che into believing that he possesses much less information about the ship explosion than he actually has.

He discovers that the luxurious cars previously owned by the super-wealthy were not given to the poor, but are in fact stored in large garages for use by the leaders of the Revolution.  Julio Antonio is able to prepare specially “medicated” cigars to see to it that the Cuban intelligence agents are removed from his meeting with the link to the outside world so that they may speak freely.

Julio Antonio discovers that the people who had sheltered him while he healed from his injuries incurred during the theft of Che’s briefcase have been arrested by the dreaded G-2 state security agency.  During interrogation, an indiscretion is committed, and the young spy becomes a question mark in the mind of the head of the G-2, Piñeiro.  “Redbeard” decides to have his minions shadow the young Commander, as his suspicions grow that the boy is that most wanted spy in Cuba, the Lightning.

Piñeiro lays a trap for the young spy.  He thinks he has his prey in his hand, and just as he’s about to strike the boy down, Julio Antonio is able to convince Fidel Castro of his innocence, and in the presence Che Guevara is able to utterly humiliate the security chief, slipping through the man’s buttery fingers.  He emerges with stronger proof of his loyalty to the Revolution to its leaders than ever before.  The increased trust likewise increases Julio Antonio’s access to classified information, furthering his mission.

As his friends shelter one of the fugitives from the Revolution, Julio Antonio nearly loses his life.  Undeterred, he obtains film which proves the government-sanctioned massacre of Yaneba and her family, and determines to get that information to his outside link.  However, the G-2 is watching, and so the young spy disguises himself as an old woman and arranges to be smuggled inside.  He passes the information to his contact, and manages with the aid of a friend to sneak out by another route, right under the noses of the Cuban intelligence agents on guard.  Unfortunately, before the information can be transmitted, the G-2 kill the contact and all his party in the desperation to prevent the information being leaked to the international press.

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