Cuba: The Truth, the Lies, and the Coverups

August 7, 2016

Cuba: The Truth The Lies and the CoverupsCovering the years of 1959 and 1960, this book touches on the cruel and deranged occult beginnings of the Cuban Revolution.  Starting with the horrendous crimes committed before very young children, this tumultuous time creates the most unexpected creature to develop first into a military leader and then into the youngest spy in Cuba:  Julio Antonio del Marmol.  Circumstances and his personal integrity propel him into the shadowy life of espionage at the tender age of 12.  Instead of playing cops and robbers with the other children his age, instead he wound up playing the adult version of that game.

Starting with his astonishing theft of the briefcase belonging to Che Guevara from out of the military compound, he suddenly finds his activity catapulting him to the status of the most wanted spy in all of Cuba.  Realizing this, the men responsible for his training accelerate their program, testing him to the utmost limits of human psychological endurance.  Compelled by these circumstances as well as those of his daily secret life to mature quickly, he develops a relationship with a childhood friend, Yaneba, deeper than convention would strictly allow for their age.  The accelerated training steadied his nerves when Che summarily executed his most trustworthy man, merely based on the wildest of suspicions, splattering the youth with the brains and blood of the unfortunate man and stinging his face with shards of skull.

By an odd twist of destiny, he is with Guevara during an assassination attempt, and instinctively saves the Argentine’s life.  This deepens and cements the relationship Che desires with the impressive young man, and either by Guevara’s side or as a direct consequence of his association with the man, young Julio Antonio witnesses some truly revolting things:  black market harvesting of organs of those executed by the firing squads, the secret construction of nuclear submarine and missile bases, the near-rape of underaged girls by Cuban soldiers, and the sinister plans to sever the close ties between the Cuban people and the United States by sacrificing thousands of civilian lives by destroying a ship in the Port of Havana.  To complicate matters for the young spy, he discovers at the heart of that particular plot is a close friend of his and the friend’s father—and to protect himself and the others working with him, he cannot breathe a word of caution to his own friend!  He also uncovers a hint of a series of assassination plots of world leaders, and begins to unravel that thread in an attempt to discover the full plan, culminating with a meeting with Jacob Leon Rubenstein—better known to his friends as Jack Ruby.

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